These small sketches are "spot sketches," to be used to decorate the pages, brighten up the carry-over in the back of the magazine and to add interest. If the Art Director gives them the "go-ahead," I work these up into small finished spot illustrations.

After settling the composition for the two-page spread, a photograph of the machine-gunner was made, and it's tracing is made with a red-pencil grid. Sketch Number 6 is a series of Tracings direct from the Polaroid photos of the "native girls" and the "Japanese soldiers." (These individual photos were juggled and shifted around to make room for the enemy in the background and to avoid losing one of the girls in the gutter -- of the magazine, that is.)

Sketch Number 6 - Figures in ink, prepared for enlarging

Sketch Number 7 - This is a reduced reproduction of the enlarged figures

The initial sketching on Number 7 was done in red or blue pencil to eliminate overworking or smudging, resulting in clear and distinct final black pencil lines.