(Chronological list of published works of Norman Saunders)

The reference code format is...

Year - Month / Title / Page

... so, for instance...



"1929-March, Modern Mechanics, Page 67"

When a page number is listed, the entry refers to an illustration for an article, otherwise all entries refer to cover illustrations. Use the list of TITLE CODES to determine a publication's full title.

There are separate checklists for each of six distinct genres.

GENRES - (Dates of activity):

Early Work - (1927-1936)

30s Pulp Covers - (1934-1940)

40s Pulp Covers - (1940-1950)

50s pulp Covers - (1950-1960)

Paperback Books - (1937-1997)

Men's Adventure - (1945-1973)

Comic Covers - (1949-1959)

Trading Cards - (1961-1980)