The MOD INITIALS series of alphabet stickers was produced by Topps in 1969 following the trend of the Beatles Yellow Submarine movie, which popularized the MOD design style. The MOD INITIALS series was based on colorful psychedelic cartoons to illustrate corresponding MOD themes for each letter of the alphabet, such as Peace, Love and Hair. The letters are composed of simple line drawings with areas of flat colors, which was fast and cheap to produce. Many of the images were designed and colored by Norman Saunders.

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[the letter A - as in the Arc of a rainbow.]

[the letter B - as in Bubbles .]

[the letter C - as in Cosmic Clouds. ]

[the letter D - as in Doves .]

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[the letter E - as in Eternal flame .]

[the letter F - as in Fish .]

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