NOTE: Display box reads, "Frankenstein Valentine Stickers", while the wax wrapper simply says, "Frankenstein Stickers" This is the origin of the confusion over the name of this series, which is now commonly referred to as "Monster Stickers."

NOTE - 2: All of the stickers are painted by Norman Saunders. The pencil artists who sketched the underlying compositions are unidentified, however, several designs appear to be by Jack Davis and Wally Wood, who were both routine freelance artists withTopps at that time. The display box and wax wrapper are both drawn by Wally Wood.

1- Zacherley - "Be My Ghoul Friend"

2- Igor the Hunchback - "Take Me Back"

3- Zombie - "I'll Keep An Eye Out For You"

4- Gorilla - "Don't Make a Monkey Out of Me"

5- Mole Man - "I Love Your Silky Skin"

6- Phantom - "Let's Swing Together"

7- Metaluna - "You Send Me to the Moon"

8- Phantom - "Without You, It's Curtains"

9- Creature From the Black Lagoon- "We'd Make a Splash Together"

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