This advertisement for the FEDERAL SCHOOL OF ILLUSTRATING appeared on page 186 of the October 1931 issue of Modern Mechanics. The artwork is by Norman Saunders and there is an "N" on the lower left-hand corner of the art student's canvas. Norm not only "attended" this art correspondence course for two years, (from 1925-1927), but the director of the school, Walter J. Wilwerding, personally recommended Norm for his first full-time artist job on the staff at Fawcett Publications, which produced this magazine and was located near the school in Minneapolis. Many Fawcett employees were graduates of Federal School correspondence courses, and many Fawcett publications carried ads for the Federal School. By the time this advertisement was commissioned, Norm had spent 4 years at Fawcetts and he had worked his way up from the bottom rung in the art department to the very top. He was one of the most successful Federal School graduates and his former instructors were genuinely proud of him. Norm was even asked to return to the school to contribute to the student critiques. He was one of the "more than fifty famous artists, masters of the modern methods, (who) contribute their experience to this course." In fact, the "art instructor" portrayed in this advertisement is a self portrait of Norman Saunders. Considering these facts, the context of this advertisement suggests that the "testifier" is actually Norman Saunders, and the general content of his simple statement is in accordance with Norm's actual beliefs. As such, this testimonial is Norm's first published statement about his disciplined approach to art technique.