This site documents all published works of Norman Saunders, from 1926 to 1986, for historians to study, collectors to authenticate, and enthusiasts to enjoy.  Everything is organized chronologically to allow viewers to browse the paintings in the same order in which the artist created them, to give some impression of the artist's evolving style. 

In 1972 the artist and his son, David Saunders, began to assemble documentation of all published illustrations. The artist's private collection consisted of hundreds of original artworks as well as "proof sheets" of pulp covers. These works form the core of the archive and were personally compiled by Norman Saunders, making this the world's most authoritative checklist of genuine attributions. Everything was assembled, photographed and cataloged, along with additional examples of Norman Saunders' published works which were gathered from bookshops, auctions, libraries and private collections throughout America over the following 17 years. Each submission was inspected and approved by the artist until Norman Saunders died in 1989, when the father & son project had exceeded one thousand entries.  In the years since then, research has continued to uncover additional entries for this archive, which currently documents 2500 published artworks.  Only a small fraction of the archival estate of Norman Saunders are original artworks. The bulk of the material are copies of published works and the cataloged results of archival research.  All of the information in this checklist is derived from first hand inspection of these three sources. All art lovers, collectors, curators, critics and scholars are welcome to appreciate the classic American Illustration art of Norman Saunders.  

Besides the Checklist of published artworks, which is divided into six major genres, (Early Work, Pulps, Paperbacks, Men's Magazine, Comics, and Bubblegum Trading Cards), there is also a Chronology, a Biography, and a selection of personal Photos of the artist which are valuable documents of the man as well as his working methods.  We have also compiled a selection of Norm's own published statements on his art. As with everything about Norm Saunders, they're all worth looking into.

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