1913, 6yr old Norm in cabin in Bemidji, Minnesota, surrounded by his Grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. David Saunders. Uncle Cox and father Clare Edgar Saunders (with pipe) are in the rear.


1929, 22yr old Norm working at his desk at Fawcett Publications in Minneapolis Minnesota on his first full time job illustrating for Modern Mechanics.


1932, 25yr old Norm in studio in Minneapolis, painting cover of July 1932 Modern Mechanics.


1938, Norm dressed up for a night on the town in pre-War New York City, where "a fellow could have a lot of fun if he had a little money."


1951, Norm at work painting cover for magazine (51-08, MALE). He is studying a plasticene model of a wild bull fighting with a jaguar, whose hind leg is speared by the bulls horn. Norm modeled this sculpture himself in order to study the lighting effects of the complex composition.


1953, Norm and wife, Ellene Politis, are posing for a western illustration. Note background appearance of J.C.Leyendecker painting of witch for Saturday Evening Post, which Norm had recently bought from the artist's estate sale.


1959, Norm posing in his living room for an article in "the Illustrator" magazine. The framed painting hanging on the wall in the rear is one of his own abstract paintings.


1961, "Mars Attacks!" prototype. Norm set up a plaster cast human skull inside of his son's plastic toy space helmet to study the lighting affects.


1964, "BATTLE!" Norm poses with son, David, for "NAZI TERROR", card #33 of series.


1977, Norm standing on the front stoop of his four story brownstone building, 312 West 104th Street, in NYC's Harlem district.


1980: Norm and son, David, in the backyard of 312 West 104th Street, where Norm loved to commune with nature and all the noisy New York neighbors.


1983, Norm in his studio, surrounded by pulp covers.


1985, Norm and Ralph DeSoto at a paperback convention in New York City on May, 19th 1985.